Drive growth at every stage of your customer’s lifecycle.

With our customer engagement platform you’re able to raise attention, gather unique user stories and get awesome real time insights.

Spend more money

  • Engaged customers purchase 90% more frequently than average buyers.
  • They spend 300% more money each year
  • 5x more likely to choose brand for future purchase

More Loyal

  • Engaged customers looking for closer ties with the brand. They trust it and are willing to take steps to deepen their connection.
  • Loyal customers are 5x more likely to say, “this is the only brand I would choose”
  • 4x more likely to feel the brand “knows how I prefer to interact”


  • 7x more attention of customers compared to branded content
  • 4x more likely to advocate to own network
  • 90% of purchases are influenced by customers opinions. This is more than any kind of other marketing, including search engines (87 percent) and newsletter (79 percent)

How to engage your customers?


Lead with experience. Easily accessible communities offer one-to-one experiences for everyone. Equally important: customers value authenticity. In the age of social media, openness and empathy are particularly important in distinguishing your brand from competition. Brandslisten offers different types of communities for every demand: Product Communities, Expert Communities and Service Communities.
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brandslisten communities


Collect product reviews and ratings, wherever your customers prefer to share their experiences with your crowd. Brandslisten Ratings comes with customizable frontends and the ability to monitor and measure every click.
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brandslisten ratings


Your users love to test and rate your products? You want to collect and share more and better authentic customer reviews? Start your own Testing Community! Brandslisten Votings gives you a full set of features for votings, lotteries and product testing communities.
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Convert passive readers into active co-editors and co-contributors. Brandslisten Discussions helps publishers capture readers and keep them coming back for more with enhanced publishing options, cross-site notifications and more.
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With Brandslisten Blogs writing blog postings become very easy. Our versatile software extension provides everything your need to publish great marketing stories, visualize informations and get better connected to your audience.
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Why Brandslisten? Because we deliver.

Get real results

  • We deliver value you can measure
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Loyalty and retention
  • Better visibility in customer journeys
  • Search engines and social networks
  • Growth of brand advocacy
  • More and more precise customer insights

Data Security

  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Single Sign On compatible
  • Ownership of Data: It is all yours

Professional Services

  • Dedicated Key Account Manager
  • Community Management & Building
  • Customer Engagement Analytics & Consulting

Time to market

  • Brandslisten is plug & play
  • Frontends, SSO, or Data Base Imports will be in-house

Brandslisten Analytics

  • Get access to all required data to drive powerful engagements - in real time


  • Physical separation of your data and application guarenteed
  • SaaS virtual Cloud Server
  • Dedicated Root Server
  • On premise


  • Flexible, fully developed rest API. Everything documented, immediately usable & customizable

Impressive Network

  • Brandslisten is part of a vibrant network of consultancies, agencies, and softwares

Modern Technology

  • Ruby on Rails & reactJS frontends
  • Real-time linguistic check with alerts and automatic blocking of unwanted content


  • Modern, UX-optimized interfaces and innovative technology
  • All features under continuous improvement
  • Constant update cycles


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