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Flexible and powerful customer engagement.


We help enterprises accelerate by building customer engagement experiences, and managing them at scale.

Social SaaS

One platform, thousands of possibilites

Brandslisten includes everything you need for customer interaction,

collaboration, feedback and insights.  


Customer Community

Give your enthusiastic users a voice and a specific place to shine. The Brandslisten Engagement Hub offers a complete community which is fully adaptable to your brand and marketing priorities. You get lots of top-notch functions, including discussions, magazine, tutorials, personal feed, gamifications and user profiles.


Last but not least, you get real-time monitoring that includes live scoring of everything published.

Expert Community

In addition to a regular customer community, an expert community considerably expands the rights and possibilities of the users. They can not only give answers, but also moderate discussions and write blog posts.

Separate subject areas and extensive possibilities for self-expression complete the functions.


Voting Community

Voting communities help to collect authentic customer opinions quickly and effectively: start the application phase, select participants and let them check products and services thoroughly. 

Authentic purchase recommendations increase sales for corresponding products reliably. An anonymous user becomes a profiled expert and multiplier of a topic.

We proudly provide engagement solutions for

Cooperating with customers is a game changer for your marketing, sales, and service. Use our pre-built applications or build user interfaces according to your own ideas. Our API is here to help you.  


Empower your people

User engagement gives everyone the power to interact with your people — customers, enthusiasts, experts, partners, employees. Make your customer experience more efficient and more fun.


Unlimited growth

You say scale, we say go for it! There are no limits to the customer  experiences you can create with Brandslisten. Best of all, you only need one platform. Just connect it to the CRM of your choice and you're ready to go.

Features you won't miss anymore



Convert passive readers into active co-editors and co-contributors. Brandslisten Discussions helps publishers capture readers and keep them coming back for more with enhanced publishing options, cross-site notifications, and more.


Do your users love to test and rate your products? You want to collect and share more and better, authentic customer reviews? Create your own Testing Community! Brandslisten Voting gives you a full set of features for voting, lotteries and product testing communities.



Writing blog posts now gets very easy. Our versatile software extension provides everything you need to publish great marketing stories, visualize information and get better connected to your audience.

A technology investment that pays off

More loyal

  • Engaged customers looking for closer ties with the brand

  • They will trust you more and will be willing to take steps to deepen their connection

  • Loyal customers are 5x more likely to say, “This is the only brand I would choose”

  • 4x more likely to feel the brand “knows how I prefer to interact”


  • 7x more attention of customers compared to branded content

  • 4x more likely to advocate to own network

  • 90 percent of purchases are influenced by customers' opinions. This is more than any other kind of marketing, including search engines (87 percent) and newsletters (79 percent)

Spend more money

  • Engaged customers purchase 90 per cent more frequently than average buyers

  • They spend 300 per cent more money each year

  • 5x more likely to choose your brand for future purchases


  “Engaging customers is one of the most powerful tools a marketer can deploy for customer retention, word of mouth, and customer insight.”


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