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Brandslisten offers everything your business needs to build and run vivid online communities, from powerful publishing and moderation tools to user management and content promotion.


White Label or API Community

- It's Your Choice

Brandslisten drives thousands of discussions
of blue chip companies around the world.
We offer two types of collaboration: ​


White label community: Get our complete community platform to start immediately and customize later. Every pixel and every feature is adjustable.


API based community: Build your own community based on our provided features.
The sky is the limit. 

No matter what you choose, our highly recommended workflow tool and great flexibility are always on board - everything is of course 100 % data safety guaranteed.

Community Functions


Connect users, fans, subscribers and employees, and encourage vivid discussions around certain topics.

Question & Answers 

Encourage knowledge sharing with question & answer forums. Questions bubble up based on votes, and the best answers are highlighted for greater visibility.

Private Groups

We offer fully password-protected communities and closed user groups that can be configured via invites and rights management. 


Users can opt in to email notifications - immediate, daily or weekly - so they're always receiving fresh content from your community.



Support users with the tools to create their own blog within your community - their place to get their views across.


Make it easy for your customers to find answers to frequently asked questions and articles that provide all the information you want your users to know. 


Let your experienced customers easily create step-by-step guidelines for onboarding or installing new products. 

Content Editing

Rich Text Editor  

Use our latest and greatest rich text editor built for modern web and app frontends. Decide what editing mode suits you best. 


More than 200 ready-to-go emojis already available. And, of course, mobile keyboard emojis are usable too. 

Rich Text Embedding

We support a wide range of social network embedding formats. Just paste a link, and it will be converted into a preview tile. Vimeo and YouTube video links have   


As usual with social networks, users can easily be mentioned by typing @name. If they gave the permission, they will receive a notification.

Content Management

Categories, Tags & FAQs

Build your own content structure with custom-made pages for Categories.

Custom Pages

Build individual pages with our page builder for content sites of your choice.


Send information to a user even if the application is idle or in the background. 


Use the characteristics of game elements like points, status, badges and roles.

User Management

Profile Pages

Give registered users a public user profile where all activities and profile information can be found.


Our software detects and evaluates the activity of users who participate. The users receive virtual credits to go towards their so-called reputation level. 


Support your active users with the ability to collect points and badges for rewards which increase engagement, loyalty and visibility.

Manage Inactivation

Inactive users are unavoidable, even in growing communities. Brandslisten offers automated user management that informs and deactivates inactive users.

Discover Topics, Content & People

Personalized Stream

Registered users get access to a customized activity stream where they see the most recent postings of all content they follow.


Enjoy our advanced search based on elastic search. Results page starts with typing 3 keys. Results sortable according to various values. Misspellings and synonyms are editable.


Users tag content with free-form tagging or restricted and pre-defined tags.


Every post or comment can be used for sticky posts on homepages, category pages or discussions. Solved answers are automatically highlighted.


Workflow Tool

Our professional workflow tool helps you organise teams of up to 100 agents, with extensive functions for monitoring, editing, forwarding and archiving discussions.


Help your agents avoid repeating activities and use presets to automatically close, archive, forward and solve discussions.

AI-based fraud detection

Together with a partner, we offer automated community management with AI-based process automation to reduce the time you spend on community maintenance and ensure a consistent level of quality for positive community development.

Black and White Listing

Prevent users from publishing explicit words and phrases with customizable bad-word lists and link to white or black-listing.



Brandslisten is 100% GDPR compliant. Full stop.

Pen Tests

We regularly check out our software for data security using external professional service providers. The results are communicated transparently to all our customers.

Permission Management

Control who can do what on your community by user role managements.

Two Factor Authentication

Don't let scammers get their hands on your sensitive information. Combine a password and a cell phone or such, using your fingerprint to deepen the security.


Mobile first

If you choose Brandslisten White Label frontend, you'll enjoy a frontend that is designed and implemented for mobile use from scratch.


Barrier-free means creating websites and mobile (web) applications so that more people can use them without restrictions. Brandslisten has a barrier-free certification so you are able to offer communities to people with disabilities.


Users can opt in to email notifications - immediate, daily or weekly - so they always receive fresh content from your community.


Support your active users with the ability to collect points and badges for rewards which increase engagement, loyalty and visibility.

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