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AOK Community is “powered by Brandslisten”

Brandslisten provides the technology for a very special community: Experts of AOK Baden-Württemberg are available on AOK Gesundnah to offer help with knowledge and tips. However, as befits a community, anyone can get directly involved with questions, feedback and answers to ongoing discussions. Subscribers will receive an e-mail as soon as there is any news. The lively participation in the first weeks shows that the offer is very well accepted by the AOK members.

The AOK community uses the Brandslisten API. This means that functions and frontend are separated. The interface was built in cooperation with a partner agency. The API connects to the Brandslisten workflow tool as well. This ensures that everything which is necessary for the operation of a community is ready at hand. The separation of front and backend allows the highest flexibility in the design of user experience and user interface. In addition, Brandslisten offers hosting in an external computer centre, to meet individual data protection and operational security requirements.


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